The mission of Global Agility Services is to empower corporate and individual clients to grow and flourish in a global environment.

Having experienced the positive, life-changing effects of global agility ourselves, we are passionate about helping people engage with a modern world that is changing so rapidly that you can easily be left behind.  We provide a way to joyfully explore the world and, by managing our personal growth, to fit better in world.  This better fit in the newly and irreversibly relevant global context of our lives is vital, our ability to effectively pursue our self-interest and to promote our values and beliefs depends on it.

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RAISED, TRAVELED,  LIVED & WORKED OVERSEAS Son of a Middle East specialist for the U.S. Army, raised in Lebanon & Israel.  Lived/worked Eastern Europe, Middle East, & Gulf Region.  Speaks French.  

EDUCATION B.A. French / Political Philosophy. M.B.A., American Graduate School of International Management.

CROSS-CULTURAL WORK EXPERIENCE Human aid in war-zones Serbia, Bosnia, (former-Soviet) Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon/Syria. For-profit business development Abu Dhabi and Cambodia.

GLOBAL MINDSET 95% Global Mindset Inventory score

AWARDED LEADERSHIP Personal Commendations from Patriarch Pavle of the Serbian Orthodox Church (1993), Ilia II, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia (1994), the Iraqi Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Association, Diyala Iraq (2004)

VALUES Inclusivity, Personal Growth, Life is an adventure, Humans everywhere.

PRIORITIES Citizenship, Prosperity, Global fitness, Good Governance everywhere.

GLOBALLY ENGAGED. Imports Cambodian spice. Writes about Middle-East. Consults/Coaches with NGOs. Trades Foreign Exchange.

EXPERIENCED COACH Built & coached 5 multi-national teams to excel in conflict-zones overseas. Coached U.S. business owners & teams locally for 5 years.

"KNOWLEDGE BROKER" From Ancients to Moderns: Every day is a new page of World History.  Political/Economics & Business, global-scope.  Advances in all fields due to advances in cognitive science.  Business coaching content.

FAMILY Married 36 years, son & daughter raised globally.

FUN Known to ask “Are we having fun yet?” when hitting speed bumps on the road of life.  Collaborating with illustrator on political cartoons.


“Rob and I worked together in the global currency markets. I was always impressed with his insights on the intricacies of world issues, knowledge of history of global events and how they would impact future outlooks. He has educated countless clients and colleagues on how best to navigate complex interactions with simplistic explanations. Rob is a reliable and relatable source of encyclopedic information, I highly recommend reaching out to him.” - Neil Husain, Regional Manager at AMC-Consult Inc.

"Lancaster is fortunate to have Robert Pianka's down home heart that contains years of worldly wisdom from boots on the ground experience. He's brave to speak and share his view, and honest to change his mind as reality demands. Covalence conditioning has multi-faceted benefits for personal, familial, and communal relationships." - M.G. Shaub STGC(SW) USN (Ret.)

"Rob Pianka is a creative and innovative instructor whose approach targets not just those who wish to thrive in a globalized workplace but also anyone committed to honing relationships through effective communication."  -  Sylvia Grove

"Rob Pianka has acquired global skills and competencies due to his natural curiosity and his professional experience in global markets. I highly recommend him as a coach and team facilitator when your professional or personal needs invite you to reflect on your journey to acquiring a global mindset..." - Maureen Rabotin, Global Executive Coach 

“I've now known Rob professionally for almost 10 years and had the pleasure of working with him in several capacities... He continues to challenge assumptions I've held and never realized. He brings his global background and experience into the realm of the applicable right now...and I've enjoyed "borrowing" Rob's experience as I look to broaden my perspective and deepen my relevance.”  - Matt Breyer, President, North American Deck & Railing Assoc.

“Rob brings a lifetime of travel, international relations and business experience. Always well read and on top of current events, he is perfect for this service.” -Blair Mohn, Hybrid Ventures