Thunderbird's Global Mindset Inventory

T-Bird What's a Global Mindset video.JPG

In a recent study….

…which defined a global mindset as “the ability to recognize and reflexively adjust to cultural signals so that an individual's effectiveness is not compromised when dealing with people from different backgrounds…”

…it was found that "84 percent ... of companies that achieved or exceeded their business targets (deemed "overachievers" in the study)...say their organization recognizes different cultural values and preferences in business activities. This compares to only 26 percent of..."underachieving" companies..."

….and it was recommended that "Companies not only should promote people who have a global mindset because of their success, but also articulate that as part of their success…” and "Global mindsets also need to be continuously reinforced, as it's very easy to slip back into our normal parameters…”

“The Global Mindset Inventory is a psychometric assessment tool that measures and predicts performance in global leadership. Most citizens of the world grow up as unicultural individuals who learn how to live and work with people who are like themselves. The global world of business today has brought many different unicultural individuals together, expecting them to work in multi-cultural and cross-cultural environments.”


PS I got my Int’l M.B.A. from Thunderbird and my global mindset score was 95%