Warning! Everything Is Going Deep: ‘The Age of Surveillance Capitalism’


By Thomas L. Friedman / Jan. 29, 2019 / NYTimes


Deep learning, deep insights, deep artificial minds — the list goes on and on. But with unprecedented promise comes some unprecedented peril. 

Automation is also going deep, fast. The Times’s Kevin Roose quoted Mohit Joshi, the president of Infosys, a technology firm that helps other businesses automate their operations, as saying in Davos last week: “People are looking to achieve very big numbers. Earlier they had incremental, 5 to 10 percent goals in reducing their work force. Now they’re saying, ‘Why can’t we do it with 1 percent of the people we have?’” 

Regulations often lag behind new technologies, but when they move this fast and cut this deep, that lag can be really dangerous. I wish I thought that catch-up was around the corner. I don’t. Our national discussion has never been more shallow — reduced to 280 characters.