The US is less connected than Bulgaria, and other globalization surprises

Quartz — News, videos, ideas, and obsessions from the new global economy / Tim Fernholz / 02/13/2019


The world’s largest shipping company, DHL Express, released a “global connectedness index” today to argue that most people don’t understand globalization. We’ll bite.

The shipper’s interest is parochial: The more global connectedness, the more stuff it gets to carry around, but the current political environment isn’t exactly rah-rah about cutting down the barriers to goods, services, people and information flowing among countries.

In one exercise, the researchers who compiled the index compared a survey of 6,035 managers across three advanced economies (Germany, the UK, and the US) and three emerging economies (Brazil, China, and India) to actual economic indicators. People presumably well-positioned to observe the global economy missed the mark:



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