Fight populism by explaining the benefits of globalization, ex-German finance chief urges


Silvia Amaro / 02/15/19 / CNBC News


"The most important thing for political leaders to do is to explain to the population why it is so, why it is needed, what are the real advantages; that globalization will make everyone richer, the opposite will make everyone poorer," he said.


Here’s another opinion:


Greek economy minister says Wolfgang Schäuble ‘dishonest’ on debt relief

 ‘Greece is being made a sacrificial lamb,’ Dimitri Papadimitriou said ahead of Eurogroup meeting.

 Papadimitriou said Schäuble "should tell his voters that Greece has to grow. And he can also tell them that Germany received debt relief after the Second World War."


[RP: This a classic example of why the Globalist / anti-Globalist argument isn’t worth our attention.

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