To succeed in the future, YOU will have to be funny in 21 languages.

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Two really good articles on the same topic: the (bright) future of humor. Major take-away:

Artificial Intelligence + Emotional Science + Multilingualism = Mass Intimacy, i.e. Marketing Success in a globalized economy.

(RP: This is a corollary of our equation: Technical Skills + Emotional Intelligence + Global Agility = Career Success in a globalized economy.)

Use Humor to Energize the Global Workplace


Today we stand at the precipice of a new era. Future-shaping business leaders around the globe are rediscovering the power of humor as a vital driver of organizational success.

…people who laugh together have deeper feelings of empathy and bonding.

Laughter and fun release physical and cognitive tension, which can lead to perceptual flexibility—a required component for ideation and problem-solving.

[RP: Assess your global “perceptual flexibility”.]

… recognize the impact of humor to generate creative ideas from all ranks, spur diverse perspectives and foster innovation.

Leaders who score high in the effective use of humor also tend to score high in emotional intelligence.

The global nature of business today means you must also be adept at adjusting your style of humor as you cross societal boundaries, an aspect of what has become known as cultural intelligence.

Now throw the instantaneous and global reach of social media into the mix, and we might soon be talking about digital intelligence, too.

…leaders have not previously had access to this kind of "mass intimacy"…

[Read/download the Brand Intimacy Study 2019, “a ranking and analysis of the top 10 brands that have formed a more significant bond with consumers, using what the company calls "emotional science."


Grégoire Furrer: "Humor is globalizing, the next frontier is multilingualism"


Humor has no boundaries, no color, and it can change our world. Today, there is no more Swiss, Belgian or French humor. The Internet has been there. The public laughs across borders.

Humor is globalizing. The next frontier is multilingualism.

Translating one’s jokes means opening up a new audience. The English star Eddie Izzard led the way by adapting his show in five languages, including Arabic and Russian.

[Hear his interview on PRI’s War of Worlds: Eddie Izzard will make you laugh in four languages. (Includes many videos.)

The new generation watches videos by reading subtitles and Netflix translates his one-man shows into 21 languages!

[Read “Netflix Is the Most Intoxicating Portal to Planet Earth”]

We will soon see shows in several languages, translated simultaneously with artificial intelligence

[Read “5G’s Potential, and Why Businesses Should Start Preparing for It”]


READ Use Humor to Energize the Global Workplace from SHRM’s Global HR by Gabor George Burt & Jamie Anderson / March 5, 2019

READ Grégoire Furrer : «L’humour se mondialise, la prochaine frontière est le multilinguisme», Le Parisien / March 17, 2019

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