In a world with no "language barriers", enough border walls to circle the Earth.


Pierre Lacroix / March 22, 2019 / Les Yeux du Monde


Aujourd’hui, plus de 70 murs sont construits ou planifiés à travers le globe selon Elisabeth Vallet (université du Québec UQAM). C’est cinq fois plus qu’à la fin de la Guerre Froide. Cela correspond aussi  à la circonférence terrestre.

Today, more than 70 walls are built or planned across the globe according to Elisabeth Vallet (University of Quebec UQAM). It's five times more than at the end of the Cold War. It also corresponds to the terrestrial circumference. (Translated for you immediately by Google Translate)

See Elisabeth Vallet’s website Border Walls: Borders, fences and walls


[RP: At the same time as these walls are going up, with services like Google Translate there are no “language barriers”.

Interested in that? Read: “Google Translate is a manifestation of Wittgenstein’s theory of language”, by Olivia Goldhill /  February 13, 2019 / Quartz ]

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