...look to Germany, not Canada, for the best Health Care Model. (RP: If one is willing to look for models..)

A Better Path to Universal Health Care

A Better Path to Universal Health Care

Dr. Jamie Daw teaches health policy and management at Columbia University / Feb. 20, 2019 / NYTimes


Germany offers a health insurance model that, like Canada’s, results in far less spending than in the United States, while achieving universal, comprehensive coverage. The difference is that Germany’s is a multipayer model, which builds more naturally on the American health insurance system.

Although it receives little attention in the United States, this model, pioneered by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in 1883, was the first social health insurance system in the world. It has since been copied across Europe and Asia, becoming far more common than the Canadian single-payer model. This model ensures that all citizens have access to affordable health care, but it also incorporates age-old American values of choice and private competition in health insurance.




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