Middle-Class Shame Will Decide Where America Is Headed

Don’t let the politics distract you,

In today’s globalized world:

  • Companies in America now compete for revenues against international companies or companies overseas that can produce for less.

  • ·People in America now compete for income against people in other countries who will do the same work for less.

Yet we continue to struggle to succeed in our old, 99% domestic way. The world is playing 3-dimensional chess and we are playing checkers. It’s no wonder our income has stagnated.

US Income since 1900.JPG

If our role in the old, outdated American Dream narrative is to sit in shame, let’s play American Dream 2.0.

If you want to successfully promote our self-interest, beliefs, and values you have to fit in the world as it is. You have to strategize and act in the domestic+global dimensions that determine our opportunities.  You need the right skills, to update them regularly, and you need to be able to practice those skills in a business world without borders, i.e. as HR puts it, you need to be “globally agile”.