The Surprising History of Nationalist Internationalism


David Motadel, a historian at the London School of Economics and Political Science / July 3, 2019 / Opinion section, NYTimes


The far right is less parochial than we think…

Internationalism, a concept that, after all, implicitly presumes the existence of the nation, and extreme nationalism are not necessarily incompatible.


[RP: Before our Global Agility training, we clearly define the difference between Globalization, the International System, Globalism, and Global Agility.

  •  Globalization: economic and technological facts, genies we cannot put back in the bottle.

  • The International System: Formal agreements between nations – regulating, among other things, international trade -- largely based on the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944.

  • Globalism and Anti-Globalism: Opinion about the previous two.

Global Agility refers to what we as individuals can do about the risks and opportunities present in our personal globalized/globalizing environment.

The ongoing Globalization of our economy creates demand for what Human Resource professionals call “Global Agility”.  As individuals the only thing we can do about the International System is to be members of a public that understands enough about the issues to give our representatives some leeway as they try to fix problems and update the system.  While we enjoy opinions as much as anyone else, we are not in the business of promoting or resisting Globalization.  We are in the business of helping anyone – no matter what opinions they express – to better pursue their economic self-interest and promote their beliefs and values.  Our motto is that you have to fit well in the world as it is to effectively pursue your success and represent your values. 

We doubt that a world of globally agile people will agree on much. We are sure that a world of globally inept people will fight about their disagreements.]



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