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Joy, Trust, Anticipation, and Surprise

Are you globally agile?


Not Sure what that means?


The modern world is irreversibly closing in -- 7 billion people, airplanes, Internet, transnational companies, salaries & wages depressed by international competition, jobs shifting overseas, etc.


“Global Agility”

How well do you fit in this globalizing world? You bring skills to the table, but are you globally agile? Can you practice those skills in global, multicultural situations?

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Be at home in the World

Be joyfully curious, at ease, engaged, productive, and enriched. Explore, network globally, identify a world of opportunities. Effectively pursue your self-interest and promote your beliefs & values.

To be precise…

The forces that drive globalization are now present in our daily lives and careers. 

On this very day you may be contacted by someone in Australia or you might reach out to collaborate with someone in Paris…just as easily as you can talk to your neighbor. 

In this new world…

  • How do we effectively pursue our self-interest

  • How do we effectively promote our values & beliefs?

  • How can we re-frame our "domestic" view to include relevant global factors?

  • Do we need to know more? ...or to become more?

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Global Agility is about thriving in this smaller/larger world.  It is about “going global”, curating the information you are absorbing, taking responsibility for who you become, being independent and free, about building bridges to the world.

It is actually a lot of fun! 

Pursue your self-interest and promote your beliefs & values effectively by

fitting better in the globalized world as it is.

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