If you offer our "global agility" services from your brand you will retain more clients between transactions and help them have life-changing trips.

It’s 2019.  We can “travel” as easily on the Internet as on an airplane.  To paraphrase Southwest Airlines:

Free to move about the World.png

Here’s a typical goal of our Covalence Conditioning TM training that your Client can accomplish on his/her laptop:

You’ve always wanted to go to Country X.  You plan to go there in a year.  Your task is to make a friend who will pick you up at the airport when you get there.

While they are doing this and other fun tasks through your branded offer of our services, they will take less notice of all the random offers they receive from other travel agents/agencies.

Then, when your Clients do go abroad, they will be better able to engage, appreciate, communicate, and create enduring relationships.  You’ll get credit for this too.

So…how might they make a friend to pick them up at the airport?

Between trips, your clients can create “affinity networks” of people around the world who, for instance, love the same hobby.

(Me, I had several people in Poland help me find and translate into English a short, out-of-print book written by a public figure from the 1980’-90’s. They enjoyed helping me and I have standing invitations to visit “next time you are in Poland”.)

Let’s talk. Click the pic…

Let’s talk. Click the pic…